Questions to ponder..


  1. is/isn’t working in my life?
  2. is most important to me?
  3. motivates me?
  4. am I most afraid of?
  5. destructive habits do I have?
  6. pressures do I put on myself?
  7. is comfortable and safe vs. what I really want?
  8. do I want to do differently
  9. are the typical things I have tried to change about my partners?
  10. am I looking for when I say ‘romantic declaration’?
  11. am I trying to face?
  12. what lies do I tell myself about love:
    • ex . Lie- we were meant to be
    • Truth – professions of undying romantic notions too not equal love
  13. about myself do I not like, am ashamed of, or regret?
  14. is my present relationship with my intuition?
  15. instances did I not trust my intuition?
  16. do I really want?
  17. is a foundation for a healthy relationship?


  1. have I believed a man completed me and how different would that relationship have been if I believed I completed myself?
  2. have I made unhealthy choices about a man because of my own low self esteem or how self confidence?
  3. have I settled?
  4. have I had an unhealthy partnership?


  1. does my intuition communicate to me?
  2. do I make my decisions?
  3. skeptical of my intuition am I?
  4. much influence am I letting my partner have on my life?

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