Balancing Act

Screen Shot 2016-03-18 at 2.20.38 PM How do you know when enough is enough? I have struggled with this question the vast majority of my adult life.

We have all been standing at a crossroads at some point in our lives where we have to choose to continue down the road we are on, or turn and walk the other way in our relationships whether it be a romantic relationship, friendship, a family member, a job….As out lives play out, requests and promises are made, but when you start to question whether the balancing scale has begun to tip to the other side, how do you know when it is best to see if it balances itself back out before it completely crashes down on you?

I consider myself to be a fairly intelligent person, but when it comes to commitment, all logic goes out the window. I have the heart of a lion, loyal to the end, but life has taught me that the heart cannot always be trusted; through no fault of its own. By its very nature it is a selfish and subjective entity. It does not care what the facts are; it only cares about what it pleases at that moment and will lead you in that direction. It will lie to you, it even lies to itself, though it does not do so with malicious intent; after all, when the cards are down and it does not have the upper hand, it is the one that is left broken.

How can it ever be trusted? I want to be able to, so badly, but it has led me astray so many times that it terrifies me to let it out of its guarded  cage. The problem with that is that what life is worth living without love, passion, inspiration..? That is not a life I want; that is no life at all.

Is the secret to balance the heart and logic? If so, this magic combination eludes me.

Back to the original question – how do you know when enough is enough? When do you stand up and fight for what you want or sit idly by, be patient to see if the scale tips back toward the middle, or when it is best to cut your losses, turn, and walk away?


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