Empathetic or Empath?

Two words, so similar to look at yet two distinctly different implications on one’s characteristics.

  • Sympathetic: a common of understanding of someone’s sorrow or pain because you have been in a similar situation; everyone has the capacity for this emotional state of being.
  • Empathy: an attempted feeling of common sorrow, pain, misfortune because while you have not been in a similar situation, you are capable of these emotions and therefore know, in general terms, how they feel; everyone has the capacity for this emotional state of being.

Difference between the capability of being empathetic vs. being an empath:

  • An empath is something you are either born into or not; it is not something you can not learn
  • The way I refer to it is sort of a sixth sense, except unlike you other five senses-taste, touch, hear, sight, smell; it is more difficult or you cannot turn off this sense at all. Ex. If you don’t like the was something you smell, you simply remove the smell from your presence or pinch your nose.
  • Empaths can pickup on someone’s body language, movements, the tone of their voice, and a person’s vernacular to get a sense of the person

For as long as I can remember, I have referred to is being able to ‘see into someone’s soul’; and/or seeing past the masks they are wearing; being able to call bullshit and be right !

Sometimes it would be more of a general feeling like being able to ask someone, ‘how are you today?’, even if I don’t know them, I will know if they tell me the truth or not. I will not see what makes it true or not, just in that particular instance; I can tell if the are  honest or not and, if in general, I could trust this person or not.

  • If you are the acting like the tough guy, but deep down you are really a softy and you are just acting this way because of layers of hurt, pain, sadness, I can see past all of the superficial ways you want to portray yourself as tough; see your core; who you really are, the softy that is wounded.

Some people will read this and think, ‘oh I wish I could be like this’ and admittedly, it does have its advantages that can save you from a world of manipulation and dishonesty if you listen to it;

However it is not without its disadvantages ;especially if you are an empath just learning about how to manage it. Just like any other sense, you must have an understanding of how it works to use it and protect yourself. If you touch something and it burns your skin, you know not to touch that, or if you look at this sun and realize it is too bright for your eyes, you know not to look at the sun. It’s all the same really.

My biggest issues:

  • I don’t know if there is a way to turn it off or at least tone it down; put on sunglasses, close your eyes, cover your hears, etc
  • I don’t realize the magnitude or level to which I am taking on another persons feelings and it will become difficult for me to separate theirs from my own.
  • Being in a crowd is difficult for long periods of time. The only way I know to describe it is sensory overload. I feel a huge variety of emotions/thoughts/feelings being hurled all around and because it is so many, at once, I can’t tell what is coming from where so it makes me a little on the defensive and standoff-ish to people if they try to interact with me.
  • Being an empath can be mentally and physically draining taking because of the things listed above causing me to have to have alone time to try to get everyone else out of my head so I can remember myself.
  • This can be used against yourself when are honest with yourself. By nature I want to see good in people and will sometimes ignore my intuition because I want to give someone the chance to prove me wrong. (Normally does not turn out good for me.) Usually this will be with a love interest. Even if I know someone will not be a good match for me, all logic goes out the window and my heart will latch onto something good inside of them, puts itself out there, and it gets crushed, by all the other crap I ignored. Then I get extremely angry, depressed and mistrustful of myself because I knew they would hurt me, in one way or another, yet I didn’t listen and I went for it anyway like an idiot.

Wish me luck lol!





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