Hurry up and jump!

All anyone has is right now. Why is that we can know something so simple, has the potential to make such a huge impact on your life, but at the same time being something that as a society, clearly we need constantly reminding of. We see a version of that saying everywhere we go. Everywhere I look, I see signs, pictures on the internet, on magnets, etc. that say a version of LIVE IN THE MOMENT. LIVE IN THE NOW

I just looked into the mirror just now and i feel like it’s a stranger looking back at me. I look completely different now and nothing in my life is the same. I know all of the stuff about self-criticism, but there is a time when you look at yourself, put your big girl panties on, be honest and admit you need to call yourself out on some things that you are messing up, and move on.

The point of all of this is – yesterday is gone, tomorrow will either worry about itself or never come at all, so all you can do is make the most of RIGHT NOW. A bunch of right nows make up your life.

I am the worst about this, I would say about 30-50% of my mind is ‘here’ at any given time and the other 50-70% is either in the past or the future. I am never in the moment, and I am missing out on so much of life. When a decision comes my way I need to remember that it’s not fair to punish that decision with the dirty laundry of the past, or with the black colored glasses of what ifs of the future and ask yourself, ‘What is the best decision I can make with what I know right now?’

It doesn’t come naturally thought because that is what I am only doing what my generation placed a high value on; multitasking. The problem with that is that science has said that you don’t truly have the ability to multitask. We all think we do, we watch tv while eating, talking to someone while driving, etc. but the truth is you don’t process both sets of information simultaneously; what really happens is that you are literally jumping from one thing to the next (and sometimes back again). It is only natural that things like meditation, spirituality, and detoxing your body are getting such attention  in the media and are becoming more of a way of life than something we do every once in a while for pleasure. It’s not just a pleasure, is a necessity.

If you don’t do a ‘self-check’ allow yourself some sort of mental break from time to time, everything will add up and seem like your life is spinning out of control. Everything around you becomes a blur where it is dark, sad, lonely, angry, confused, constantly tired…when decisions do come to you, you are most likely to do what is easiest at that particular time; because of fear or level of ease. The longer you live in the blur, the more it becomes one long line of decisions where you have placed bricks haphazardly, just to put them down, and have provided you with no sense of direction to move in.

I’ve known this, obviously, I am not a kid anymore, but sometimes you have to be shaken and reminded of some of life’s simple rules.

I am never in the moment, and I  feel as though I am missing out on so much in life. When a decision comes my way, I need to remember that it’s not fair to punish that decision with the dirty laundry of the past, or look at it through black colored glasses only showing the what ifs of the future.

All I should do is ask myself, ‘What is the best decision I can make, with what information  I know right now, about this particular situation?’ Screen Shot 2016-03-26 at 5.19.19 PM

If I have one of those decisions that has a significant number of possible future outcomes, I need to remember to take a deep breath, be patient with myself, add up what you do know, and go with it.

Patience is a virtue but like anything else in life, it is a balance; it’s important to be careful about not waiting too long though. Just as I are making a decision about something, one of the key players may be making a decision on the direction of their own life, and my offer disappear from the table!


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