My Best Friend

What image comes to your mind when I ask you who your best friend is? Some of you would picture a friend, coworker, roommate, family member, etc. Mine is my  fury baby cat Puck.

Puck and I got off to a rocky start. I lived in Colorado at the time. It was a hot summer night, I was going to pick up something to eat at a local Mexican restaurant. Typical me, I had my windows rolled all the way down, hair blowing in the wind, radio turned up loud, and yes, I was probably singing too. I pulled into the entrance of the restaurant and he was sitting by the door meowing so loud I could hear him over my music. He was adorable and I thought to myself, ‘if he is still there when I come back out, he is going to leave with me’ lol. Sure enough, he was there and so after confirming with the people in the area that he was not their cat, so I went and picked him up and got in the car with him.

He originally wasn’t supposed to be my cat. I got him to take to a friend who had just lost their cat. Within three days of me dropping Puck off, I got a phone call; ‘you gotta come get this cat!’. Apparently Puck was all over the counter tops, coffee tables, wouldn’t use the little box..he was acting like a crazy cat!


I didn’t really want another cat (I already had one-Harley) but he was so cute and full of personality, I couldn’t let him go.

He was a little fuzz ball of energy; always terrorizing my other cat or into something; and talk about needy, he is the neediest cat I have ever seen! He needed constant attention and it drove me nuts. I used to make fun of him and call him ‘the neediest cat in captivity’. He drove me crazy, always needing attention lol.

Harley passed away. Freshly divorced, Puck and I packed up the apartment and headed back home to Tennessee. Mom flew out to Colorado, we rented a Budget truck and away we went. Puck loved riding in the dash of the truck. It was so big, he could get up there and lay down. When we would stop someone people would ohh and ahh over how cute he is. (Cute but definitely a handful lol)


When I moved back to Tennessee from Colorado it was one of the worst times in my life. It was like a country song, ‘I left my man, my cat died, so I quit my job and loaded up the truck and drove down the highway while the sun set behind me’. I was alone, depressed, and broke. This cat has been my saving grace so many times. I needed a friend and he was right there for me. He was always there, always listened to me no matter how many times I cried over the exact same thing, he would act crazy to make me smile and cheer me up, and he cuddled to me when I needed someone to hold. I get him all curled up in my arms, his eyes barely open and purring, and I will smile, pet him, and say, ‘God knew I needed a Puck in my life’. He has been there with me through the ups and downs. I don’t have any children;  he is my fur baby; my best friend.

Not only is he needy, he does what he wants! He knows his mom loves him dearly and he takes full advantage of that! He is so funny; he walks around the house looking around like, ‘ya I own this place’ and puff up his fur. He makes himself comfortable where ever he wants.


It’s hard to tell with all of the fur, but he has six toes on his front paws. They look like little baseball mitts and are so cute. I tell him just because he is special doesn’t me he is king of the castle (even though we both know he is!)

Here is a link to a video of him performing his ‘I’m so cute and I know it’ routine  I have to beat-box a little to get him going lol.

A few days ago he started having seizures. He had been off to his self most of the day. He does that sometimes to get in a good long nap. I panicked when I saw him and we made a trip to the emergency room. My heart was racing and I was doing my best not to completely lose my mind. The vet wasn’t able to determine what was causing the seizures since they couldn’t do any testing and didn’t want to put him on medication with him not having a history of seizures, so the best I could do for him was take him home and watch him closely to see if it happened again. Money, the culprit of all that is evil, is why I had to bring him home. For him just to spend the night was $800. I won’t say how much I make, but that is way more than I could afford.

The next day he was groggy, but the vet said that was to be expected because they gave him a sedative. He was eating a lot and even got up in the window (his favorite hang out) for awhile so I was hopeful that it was a one time occurrence. After catching some rays in the window for a few hours, he went to lay down in my bedroom. I would go and check on him about every 15 minutes. After about the 3rd time he had 2 seizures back to back and I couldn’t get out of the house with him fast enough.

I got him back to the emergency room, this time admitting him. They are running some tests on him and keeping him from having any further seizures. It is torture wondering all day every day if he is ok, missing him, and hating it so bad that he is in pain. He has been admitted two nights now. Please pray that I get my best friend home as soon as possible, healthy and safe.


7 thoughts on “My Best Friend

    1. Thank you. It started with a small tick in his head, like a twitch. I started watching him close after that and he got up on one of my coffee tables and just stared into space. I said, Puck are you ok ‘ Be raised his paw up like he was going to smack me and just held his leg in the air and growled a little. He was also drooling. I finally have him home after four days in the hospital and no dx. They want to do a spinal tap and I dong think I can do that to him. He is on medication for seizures and seems to be doing better thank God. Thank you!

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    1. A neurologist is working with him now to see if that is what it is. That wouldn’t be the worst diagnosis; at least it’s treatable although my ex-husband had epilepsy and I saw what he went through…I don’t know what to hope for.

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      1. Oh gosh, tough-but-treatable definitely beats not knowing. I’ve had 2.5 years of not knowing with my cat, & finally an answer last week. It was a horrible answer, but an answer nonetheless! Good luck.


      2. Thank you. Yes, the not knowing is driving me crazy!!! I am so sorry to hear that about your cat; they are like our children. Like you said, at least you know what you are dealing with. Miracles still happen! I will pray for you both.

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